Diving Fins

Whether looking for a set of scuba diving fins, ones designed for snorkelling, tech diving fins, fins for apnea freediving or even swimming fins, at M&A we stock a selection of fins to suit all of your needs. 

For scuba divers, a good pair of fins are an essential part of your diving equipment. Designed to allow divers to move swifter and more smoothly through the water, they make diving feel effortless. To add to their level of convenience, these types of fins come complete with adjustable straps that keep your feet securely in place, and allow you to easily slip them on or off.

For more seasoned divers, our tech diving fins feature a more rugged fin that works well with frog kicks and have minimal snag points.  On the other hand, our range of apnea freediving fins are designed for energy transfer efficiency for swimming in a straight line with minimal effort. 

However, we also offer fins for sports that don’t require you to descend deeply into the water. Unlike scuba diving fins, which feature an open heel and are worn with dive boots,  snorkelling fins, spearfishing fins and swimming fins are full-footed so that they may be worn on their own. 

Regardless of what you’re looking for, at M&A we guarantee the best selection of fins in Malta!