McNett Europe are a division of GEAR AID Inc.USA (formerly known as McNett Corp.) and responsible for the manufacture and sale of a wide range of McNett branded products specifically for supply into the European market.

From the head office in Germany plus our warehousing facility in Rotterdam Holland, McNett Europe export to over 30 European Countries stretching from Iceland in the West to far eastern Russia.

Our products can be found supporting the majority of outdoor adventure activities including, Camping and Outdoor, Fishing and Hunting, Scuba Dive and Watersports, Cycling and Travel etc.

To ensure product quality and performance in a wide range of climates, McNett branded products under the “Essentials for Adventure” logo, undergo extensive development and testing before being offered to our customers. Field tests are conducted in the most demanding conditions from the high altitude extremes of Nepal to the freezing conditions in the Artic Circle.

GEAR AID / McNett continues to strive to bring innovative products to worldwide markets and we would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to the world of McNett and“Essentials for Adventure”.