Since its founding in 2004, Shearwater Research Inc. has been propelled forward by the passion and vision of its CEO Bruce Partridge. With a background in computer systems design, embedded programming and advanced technical diving, Bruce brings a unique perspective to the world of dive computers.

Armed with the belief that divers want dive computers and rebreather control systems that have a simple and intuitive user interface, Shearwater designed an easy-to-use menu structure which was previously unavailable. Shearwater Research has swiftly become a major supplier of trimix computers and electronic control systems for rebreathers. Having widely enjoyed acceptance in technical diving circles, Shearwater has also become popular amongst recreational divers. In fact, Shearwater’s intuitive interface has been further expanded and simplified, with a focus on the recreational diver. As a result, Shearwater currently holds a leading position among companies and a reputation for producing some of the highest-quality instruments on the market. Their computers are notably user-friendly, suitable for divers at all development levels, and have built up a reputation for being reliable, user-friendly, and easy-to-read underwater. All in all, Shearwater computers are designed to improve the journey for divers everywhere.