Ocean Technology Systems (OTS)

In 1984, two men had a dream—to form a company, design the best underwater communication system available, and market the product throughout the world. Without financial backing, they both rolled up their sleeves, divided the work and got busy. For the first year and a half their wives worked regular jobs, supporting their families, while they worked out of their garages. Every penny earned went back into the company without taking salaries. Taking care of their customers first by always providing the highest-quality at a fair price, Jerry and Mike’s company grew, employees were hired, and real estate was purchased. 

Each year, Ocean Technology Systems (OTS) grew larger, stronger, and gained more respect in the diving industry. Today, OTS is a world renowned leader in the field of underwater communications. The product line covers everything from diver recall systems to state-of-the-art through-water transceivers. In fact, OTS equipment has become the benchmark for both military and ‘search and rescue & recovery’ teams across the globe.

OTS currently continues to thrive and encourage industry growth by striving for new innovations (such as our new Guardian Full-Face Mask) that enhance the diving experience. Although OTS has grown and continues to flourish, they have not lost their small business atmosphere—where the employees are like family and customers are highly valued.