The Luxfer brand believes that everyone should be able to safely explore new environments with a sense of freedom. A leader in the production of gas cylinders, through consistent innovation and collaboration with other technology partners, this brand maintains a stellar reputation for dependability and safety. Amongst its other offerings, its noble mission is to manufacture products that positively impact the environment, which is why sustainability, and working towards reducing environmental emissions, remains at the very core of this company’s ethos.

Luxfer are experts in the design and manufacture of composite & aluminium gas cylinders, with their products spanning across a wide range of industries, including scuba diving, alternative fuel, aerospace and inflation, SCBA, medical, specialty gas and industrial, CO2 and beverage, and fire extinguishing. Consequently, having produced over 70 million cylinders to date, Luxfer is the most renowned high-pressure composite and aluminium cylinders supplier around. Headquartered in Riverside, California, Luxfer Group has additional manufacturing facilities in Pomona, California; Nottingham, England; Calgary, Canada; and Shanghai, China.