Biox Ltd provides environmental friendly cleaning products and processes, allowing industry to have efficient cleaning solutions that keep employees safe in the workplace. Welcome to a powerful and effective way of cleaning oxygen / hyperbaric equipment, industrial components, de-scaling and carbon removal !
Biox Product Use :
Biox 02 Liquid has been used within the Diving & Hyperbaric industry for over 20 years, and has been tested and approved for use within the MoD and has Nato codification.
Biox 02 Liquid cleans hyperbaric equipment including de-compression chambers, gas cylinders, umbilical oxygen lines and divers breathing apparatus.
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Biox '02' is approved by the following authorities:
*  Lloyds Register of Shipping.
*  Thames Water Authority.
*  National Water Council and Finnish Research Centre : Being Non Toxic, Non Flammable, Non Hazardous.
*  VTT - Low VOC, Non Flammable.
NATO Nos: 0889/0473/6850-99-701-6845  & 0899/0473/6850-99-920-1435
Biox '02' cleaning fluid is used by the Ministry of Defence and Diving schools (Worldwide), PADI divers and Emergency Services / Military establishments and Off-Shore companies for the cleaning of their oxygenated breathing systems and hyperbaric systems. It is a safe, non toxic and economic and effective procedure to cleaning the breathing apparatus and other hyperbaric systems.
After all, its your breathing system you depend upon, so why not use the best cleaning agent for the job.
Please note that Biox '02' liquid's cleaning results, are greatly enhanced with the use of Ultrasonic action.
Our cleaning procedures have for many years been used by PADI instructors and the sports diving industry, offering safe and easy cleaning solutions for the diving community and being environmentally friendly to the world we live in. 
Suggested Oxygen Cleaning Methods:
As with all cleaning of breathing systems extra care must be taken to follow procedures accurately, the following information is only a guide to the cleaning procedure and should not be taken as verbatim.