Dive Knives & Cutters

Good-quality cutting tools are key safety devices all divers should have in their dive kit. In no way meant to be used as weapons or to harm marine life, dive knives and cutters are designed to be used for safety reasons— namely carried and used for moments when you need to cut through an entanglement. Compact and affordable, a dive knife is able to easily slice through kelp or fabric, and is crafted from material that is able to withstand the corrosive effect of sea water.

Similarly, cutters are suitable for cutting through dangerous entanglements, especially heavy duty fishing lines, monofilament and any type of webbing material, and may easily be stored safely – attached either to your harness, computer strap or a BCD – as you enjoy your dive, always waiting to be retrieved when necessary.

At M&A, we have a selection of dive knives and cutters, made from a choice of water-resistant material – from stainless steel to titanium – and manufactured by world-renowned brands you know and trust.

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