M&A Malta is a leading distributor of scuba diving equipment, well known for its high quality scuba products. All of the company’s products carry renowned brand-names t­hat originate from suppliers with a vast experience and great reputation in the segment of scuba diving equipment.

The company’s ability to offer highly competitive prices is achievable through­­ the bulk buying process it uses and its warehousing capabilities. M&A makes use of its warehouses to stock products in large quantities and thus negotiating better prices with its suppliers. Larger stocks allow the company to operate efficiently when it comes to delivery time, and thus ensuring that the customers are served in good time with as little delay as possible.

Proving to deliver a highly reliable service and supplying high quality equipment, our products are used by almost all dive centers in Malta and Gozo.

The company assists dive centers who are starting up in Malta to find the most suitable equipment for their needs. We also assists the dive centers through the ordering, setting-up, and installation process. In fact M&A Malta has, throughout the years, installed all the necessary equipment in a large number of dive centers.

We offer delivery service on a daily basis to dive centers in the islands of Malta & Gozo.

Our Scuba Warehouse :