Waterproof was co-founded by two brothers – Björn and Göran Ehlmé – who grew up by the sea on the west coast of Sweden. Both share a passion for water and sport, so they joined forces with the aim of producing exceptional products that would help the wearer survive extremely harsh and cold climates. Prioritising quality and attention to detail, the Waterproof brand sources its own material and manufactures products within privately owned facilities. Before becoming available to the public, these products and ideas are also tested on expeditions at Antarctica and the Arctic, as well as other places with equally challenging climates. 

As a result, Waterproof products are able to withstand the harshest conditions and adhere to the strictest standards. However, for this brand, this is nothing more than simply “facing reality”. With over 35 years of experience producing and developing high-end diving gear, this multiple award-winning brand continues to grow in reputation and inspire people to explore the wonders of the underwater world.