Our Services

Regulator Servicing

The servicing on Aqualung and Apeks regulators is performed through the use of the latest tools on the market. A fully equipped workshop allows our qualified technicians to work efficiently on the servicing and repairs of the regulators.

The technicians working at our workshop are well skilled, proficient, and approved by the manufacturers themselves. The type of service performed is an overhaul service.

Having all the required spare parts and service kits in stock allows us to provide a first class service. This means that our clients do not have to wait for the delivery of parts, but are served instantly and without delays. As a proof of our genuine service, we return all the replaced parts to our customers, thus ensuring them that the parts were truly replaced. After every service, we provide an internationally recognized certificate. The company also keeps history records of the regulators that have been serviced or repaired at our workshop.


Compressor Servicing, Repairs & Installations

M & A Malta is an ‘A’ partner with Bauer (Munich). We service, install, and repair Bauer compressors. Servicing is performed by qualified and experienced technicians that have been approved by Bauer (Munich). Compressor spare parts are kept in stock, thus allowing us to perform servicing and repairs efficiently and instantaneously. This allows our clients to operate efficiently without long interruptions. All replaced compressor parts are returned to our customers, thus demonstrating that the parts have been actually changed. An internationally recognized certificate is provided with every service.


Customised Systems

Part of our success is mainly due to our ability to customize systems in accordance to our clients' needs. Since most of the required fittings are readily available in stock, such customization can be conducted within a few days. The setting up of the customized systems is conducted by our experienced technicians who have been trained to carry out these duties with precision and excellence.

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Ships & Yachts

M & A Malta also caters for Yachts and Ships visiting our islands. Our dedicated team performs all the available services on board of sea vessels. As we have been in this industry for a number of years, we are well experienced in this field and are very familiar with the clients' special requirements. Our team of technicians are equipped with a mobile workshop to be able to visit the sea vessels at once. This gives us a great advantage with regards to time management and efficiency.


Air Analyses

As part of our specialized services, we also conduct air quality tests for the air that is produced by the air compressors. These kind of tests are not only important, but are a vital part of the service. The tests are either conducted on site or in-house. In case we perform the test in-house, we ask our client to provide a sample of the produced air in an air cylinder. The air inside the cylinder is tested and the client is informed accordingly of the results. After the test has been performed, a certificate is issued and handed over to the client.

This type of test allows us to identify whether the following substances are present in the produced air: oil, water, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide. The test is performed in accordance to the EU standard, EN12021:2014. Our qualified technicians perform the test and keep a record of the results in our database system. M & A Malta also forms part of Bauer Pure Air System.


Cylinder Testing

The services that we offer are:

Hydrostatic pressure test (test should take place every 5 years).

Visual test (test should take place every year).

Internal cleaning (shot blasting).

Pillar valve service & test (recommended every year).

Cylinder testing is performed in accordance to Regulation EN1802/1968, as part of the European Standards. Once the tests are completed, a certificate is issued and a label is fixed to the cylinder indicating the date of the test. All testing is performed by our qualified and certified technicians.