Scuba dive cylinder testing in Malta

Hydrostatic test & Visual test

The services that we offer are:

Hydrostatic pressure test – Steel & aluminium scuba dive cylinders should undergo hydrostatic testing every 5 years, in accordance with EU regulations.

Visual test – this test should take place every year and it is mandatory for all steel and aluminium scuba diving cylinders.

Internal cleaning - Shot blasting, this service is performed only on steel cylinders. Even though the shot blasting procedure is a huge ‘headache’ at M&A Malta, all steel cylinders are shot blasted after hydro tested to ensure that the scuba tanks are returned 100% clean to the client.

Pillar valve service & test – the pillar valve service is included with any of the other cylinder services. We recommend servicing the cylinder’s valve every year. Threads are measured and inspected when we service the cylinder’s pillar valve.

Oxygen Cleaning – during the years M&A has invested in a 175ltrs ultrasonic cleaner to cater for the oxygen preparation of aluminium & steel cylinders. The cylinders are cleaned with BIOX and tested with ultraviolet lights.


The cylinder testing is performed in accordance with Regulation EN1802/1968, as part of the European Standards. Once the tests are completed, a certificate is issued and a label is fixed to the cylinder indicating the date of the test. All testing is performed by our qualified and certified technicians.