Diving Hoods

You have your exposure suit, your warming undersuit, your dive gloves and boots, but have you invested in a diving hood yet? On average, from 20 to 40% of a diver’s body heat escapes through their head, which is why wearing a diving hood is essential for staying warm as you explore the world beneath the water’s surface.

Designed in a range of thickness levels, styles and materials, dive hoods are essentially detachable head coverings that offer underwater thermal insulation for your head and neck. Yet, apart from being a great way to stay warm, a dive hood also helps to keep long hair off your face, leaving you to enjoy your dive safely and comfortably.

Our range of products is sourced from well-renowned brands like Aqualung and Waterproof. Browse our full selection online or in store, and pick the best dive hood to fit your tastes and needs.

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