Scuba diving fins are an important part of your diving equipment. You can move quickly and smoothly through the water with scuba diving fins. Diving fins consist of a pedestal and leaf. Diving fins with an open heel do not have a closed foot pocket but is open at the back. You can often adjust the open heel with a strap. Diving fins are easy to take on and off. The strap ensures that your foot stays in the same place. The sizes of these diving fins usually varies from XS to XL. Diving fins with an open heel revolve around comfort. In some cases, they are also suitable for diving shoes.

Snorkelling fins are different from scuba-diving fins, as in most cases the snorkelling fin is a full foot fin (bare-foots in it) and the scuba-diving fins are open heel and worn with boots.

Tech diving fins are a more rugged fin that work well with frog kicks and have minimal snag points. Tough rubber and monoprene materials with a short vented blade are preferred by many advanced divers for their efficiency and reliability. Spring heel straps are quick and easy to don and doff even with thick gloves. Spring heels also self-adjust to compressing suits so they stay on without having to be adjusted and can't rip or tear like traditional rubber straps.

Apnea Freediving fins are designed for efficiency in energy transfer for straight line swimming with minimal effort. Fin blades are longer and often more flexible compared to traditional snorkelling or scuba fins. The length improves the energy transfer from your legs to propulsion through the water. Many freediving fins have different hardness blades for different divers or environments. 

Swim fins specially designed by professional athletes for training.

Spearfishing fins offer excellent propulsion and manoeuvrability in the water in a choice of camouflaged colours to help you blend in. We have the best selection of fins in Malta!