Omer Sub

A brand that is constantly evolving and investing in new research, Omer Sub’s main goal is to offer a full range of innovative and high-quality products that are suitable for fishing and freediving enthusiasts all around the world. 

For this reason, all of the Omer collections are based on the expert recommendations of a team of athletes, consisting of champions in their respective sport with experience in all of the seas around the world. Thanks to this collaboration, attention to detail and great technical expertise have become the cornerstone of this brand’s reputation. All of this information allows this company to produce technical accessories and garments of the highest quality, with engineering and design done in Italy. 

Along with a passion for the sea, Omar Sub’s attention extends to ecological issues and the environmental sustainability of the sea. It even supports the social groups, “I Swim SMA” and “Smaniablu” – two associations engaged in the spread of freediving among people with SMA. Yet, throughout, this brand remains guided by a founding concept, which for Omer Sub has become a true mission: inspiring people to enjoy water exploration.