Faber's Scuba Diving Cylinders

Founded in 1969, and operating since 1972, Faber Industrie has rapidly grown to become the world's leading brand supplier of Air Breathing Apparatuses. This brand’s stellar reputation is due to its superior levels of quality, as well as this brand’s ability to observe the most rigorous specifications set down by local authorities, international bodies and its customers.

If you are already using steel cylinders when diving you don't need to be convinced about the advantages of steel. Certainly, Faber recognises that steel cylinders are by far the superior choice— providing better buoyancy, occupying a lower volume for the same water capacity and also free from the risk of developing any premature defects, such as sustained load cracking (SLC) which is often found in some aluminium alloy cylinders. To offer the lightest (and hence an optimum wall thickness) steel tanks (cylinders), with an ideal buoyancy, Faber’s scuba diving cylinders are diligently manufactured using high-quality steel plates.

Every year, Faber produces and sells over 100.000 scuba diving cylinders all over the world. It is safe to say that no other manufacturer in the world can match Faber’s unique capabilities and the breadth of our product range. Thanks to these products’ high-quality, with proper care and maintenance, a Faber diving cylinder can last for many years of underwater pleasure and, most importantly, grant you a high degree of safety as you enjoy your diving adventures.