Cleaning New Masks


Clean new mask lenses with Sea Buff™ mask pre-cleaner. This removes the silicone residue leeched from the mask skirt during manufacturing, and enables anti-fogs to work more effectively. Regular cleaning with Sea Buff eliminates dirt, algae, mould and other contaminants that interfere with anti-fog performance.


STEP 1: Apply a small amount of Sea Buff to inside and outside of lens. Rub aggressively,

rinse and repeat.


STEP 2: Buff with a soft, dry cloth until clean, then
rinse thoroughly.


STEP 3: After cleaning with Sea Buff, apply anti-fog
(Sea Gold™, Sea Drops™ or Sea Quick™) to inside of dry lenses.


STEP 4: Rub in anti-fog with fingers. Rinse in
fresh or saltwater.